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Brave New Earth - create, practice, and document a new vision for humanity
Brave New Earth is an internet video portal for an environmentally concerned community to come visit, and learn of the various challenges facing the Earth and its inhabitants; a source of inspiration for folks to reconnect with the Earth, and remember our symbiotic relationship with the Earth, for a future in harmony with nature.  An eco-based videoblog which utilizes backpack broadcasting techniques, to keep information real, and current. invites its viewers to stay connected, and use it as a resource for ideas to stimulate both imagination and creativity, so as individuals we might become increasingly responsible to our basic human dignity and nobility, which at its core, views the Earth as source, rather than "resource."


Bruce Weaver

 Bruce Weaver has many early memories of a favorite uncle who traveled the world seeking treasure in exotic lands. Nomadic, he roamed the world, and each time he'd return home he would leave Bruce with vivid, intoxicating impressions, the way the National Geographic’s' he left behind like a calling- card did. The uncle vanished into thin air one day, never to be heard from again.Bruce has wandered the globe not unlike his mysterious uncle did, in search of treasures. Distinct from his uncle however, Bruce has sought the treasures of the heart, those that reveal our deepest purpose, searching out sacred teachings, mystics, elders, and primitive peoples living close to the natural world. Call it good fortune, karma or luck, Bruce has meet many spiritual teachers from a wide variety of traditions, each of whom have been the source of both guidance, and great inspiration. Today, these meetings with remarkable men inform his activities, yet always, Mother Earth and her organic rhythms, filled with profound wisdom the muse that inspires awe, and passion in his work

sadhu2Bruce's life and professional experience is a patchwork of diversity, and procession if not the making of a "renaissance man." Raised in rural MO, Bruce came by "DIY" naturally, out of necessity, marked by an insatiable curiosity, and fertile imagination. His father's workshop was the mother load for making stuff, but it was his mother, a prolific artist, who influenced Bruce's free-thinking and fueled imagination, exposing him to a creativity that seemed to know no boundaries: poetry, pottery, painting, pen & ink, airbrush and photography. When it came time to "make a living" Bruce never divorced himself from nature in the pursuit of money. He owned a handyman business helping others "do it yourself," which led to professional caretaking gigs where he lived and worked caring for vegetable gardens, landscapes, building and vehicle maintenance, and at times pinch-hit as chef! He discovered Permaculture gardening, primitive skills schools and spent years learning and working with a cadre of back-to-the-landers.


One Winter Bruce went to  Sedona Arizona on a vision quest and ended up landing a gig as mechanic turned tour guide for a archaeological Jeep tour company Time Expeditions. This is where he met his wife Tarini.timeex2   They both inspired the vision for and implementation of an heirloom seed garden for propagating indigenous, heirloom seeds from the Hopi and Navajo nations, replanting them inside Canyon de Chelly--once the agricultural and farming homeland of the Navajo, long-since abandoned for modernity and "urban" living. To support the rehabilitation of the garden project, Bruce was the founding partner in an ecotourism business-- Time Passages, conducting eco-tours inside the belly of the sacred labyrinth that is Canyon de Chelly. At Time Passages he worked closely with expert guides in archaeology, geology and anthropology of the Southwest region, together with the native Navajo guide, who together conducted week-long expeditions for eco-travelers in this sacred land. It would be some years later that Bruce found his love of new-media and film, which prompted him to pursue a scholarship at Vancouver Film School, where he was the recipient of a first-place award, garnering him a full scholarship, and where he earned his degree in New Media and is a graduate of Vancouver Film School. Uniting his love of nature with film and media skills, fueled by boundless imagination, Bruce took to backpack broadcasting, and single-handedly made a documentary film, and video shorts on eco-oriented subjects, traveling to rural and indigenous communities as diverse as Montana and post-Katrina New Orleans to Columbia South America and Darjeeling India, to learn and share what he was learning virtually with a community of like-minded others. In short, Bruce's life is a processional one, on a quest to bring nature and "making a living" together, and where the only thing we need is imagination.

Chop Wood Carry Water


Brave New Earth is currently offering a wide assortment of the "best of" videos from the internet as well as offering unique self published video stories. Topics ranging from sustainability, design, environment, technology and earth changes to food.

Transmedia Earth Steward Seeks Landbase

Bruce Weaver is seeking a property to develop into a center for sustainable living. A place where experimental projects incorporate new research in sustainable living; wind, water conservation, permaculture, food security, organic farming, all with a view to create a unique web series on "how to" live simply (and elegantly) as we address the need for conservation against the backdrop of climate change, and our changing planet. With so much property and such need for radical visions of change, I'm seeking a place with this in mind: new vision for a new earth. Perhaps you have land in Washington state, Colorado (or the like) that is under cared for, neglected and or hopes to be an example of possibility in these challenging times: a model for sustainable living center to educate and enjoy. Or, contact me if you are already doing similar projects and may like to showcasing your projects through video shorts to share and or grow your vision for sustainable change?

Model Prototype Idea

HYPERVILLAGE // Living a hybrid life, hi-tech, hi-nature

By 2050 it’s predicted that 75% of us will live in cities. So where does that leave rural communities? Hyper Village is a response to the assumption that cities will be the most sustainable way for humans to live in the future. Hyper Village is an exploration of a networked and connected rural community experimenting with technology to explore the role it can play in creating a diverse, thriving, self-sustaining, community more in balance with the natural world, more equitable with the city.
Hypervillage Document PDF
Hypervillage Mindmap

Google Hangout ------ Hypervillage Examples

Here are two examples of how using google hangouts could be implemented within the context of building a Hypervillage Community.

Google+: John Butterill's Virtual Photo Walks

Google+: Christina Blount Presnell's Knitting Circles

Brave New Earth is an internet video portal for an environmentally concerned community to come visit, and learn of the various challenges facing the Earth and its inhabitants.